Core Responsibilities Identified

In order to define all core job responsibilities common across Business Affairs positions of this type, the Business Management Advisory Committee (BMAC), a Presidential committee established in April 2008, conducted a comprehensive survey of both the business managers and executive management (i.e., deans, vice presidents and assistant/associate vice presidents). The survey was developed primarily from historic documentation generated by the business affairs group during 2003-04 which outlined their responsibilities and functions. The information was aimed at identifying the following:

  • Core roles and responsibilities
  • Significant priorities and functions
  • Top qualifications desired by management for employees holding these positions
  • Enhanced and improved process needs
  • Training and other professional development needs
  • Potential focus areas for review by BMAC subcommittees

The survey was constructed based on the following areas of responsibility:

  • Academic Support
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Budget Management
  • Facilities Management
  • General Administration
  • Grants Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • IT Management and Support
  • Strategic Planning

Approximately 72% of the surveyed business managers and 72% of the surveyed senior management responded to the survey.

Business Manager Survey Rankings

Based on the above survey results, the business managers consistently ranked budget, finance and human resource management and general administration as the top four position responsibilities based on both percentage of time spent and importance. Areas such as facilities management, strategic planning and grants management varied in rankings 5 through 7 suggesting a contradiction between the percentages of time spent performing these activities vs. the importance with which these areas are viewed. Finally, both IT management & support and academic support were ranked least important thereby receiving the least amount of their time and efforts.

Executive Management Survey Rankings

Overall, executive management’s rankings of the business managers’ roles and responsibilities were consistent with the rankings of the business managers, mirroring the same core responsibilities ranked 1 through 4. Interestingly, those responsibilities ranked 5 through 7 were also consistent between surveyed groups, but also varied within the survey group based on percentage of time spent on the activity and the importance of the activity. Based on importance, strategic planning fell from rank 5 by the business managers’ to rank 7 by executive management.

Based on these overall survey results, the BMAC concluded that although the business manager positions within the S/C/D units all involve unique duties, they all consistently encompass the four core responsibilities identified above.