Systems Access & Security

Requesting & Approving System Access

Procedures for requesting access to WSU's Banner systems are located at

A request for access to multiple systems can  be submitted by a Director or Associate Director of Business Affairs by completing the Business Manager Banner Request Form located at the above link.  This form allows the approver to request access to Finance, RAPP (Purchasing), Finance Accounts Receivables, the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Forms), Banner Student, and Application Xtender (imaging) by completing a single form. 

Alternatively, individual system access request forms are also available at the above link. 

System Access for Processing Journal Vouchers

Contact the Office of Budget Planning & Analysis at 313-577-2001 to request access for processing journal vouchers in Banner for your school, college or division.

Office of Budget Planning and Analysis Website Access to Password Restricted Area

Contact the Office of Budget Planning & Analysis at 313-577-2001 to request access to the restricted area of their website which provides links to training materials and carry forward reports. 

Verifying, Monitoring and Ending System Access

Continuing access to Banner systems for departmental, school, college or divisional employees should be monitored and reviewed at least quarterly to ensure that all former or transferred employees' access has been terminated upon departure. All active employees' access should also be reviewed to ensure that their continuing access is required based on their current job responsibilities.

To assist with this responsibility, Business Intelligence & Reporting System report SEC001A -Security Access and SEC002A -Security Access provide a report of all access assignments as of the report run date. These reports are found on the Public Folder main menu within the Security folder. All required updates or changes to access assignments should be reported to C&IT Security at